Tomorrow is the Preakness Stakes in Baltimore, Maryland. This is the second leg of the possible Triple Crown.

Two weeks ago at the Kentucky Derby, Medina Spirit won in an upset. That’s when all Hell broke loose. Hall of Fame Trainer Bob Baffert won his 7th Kentucky Derby. No other trainer in the history of professional horse racing has ever won more, but there swirled the intense controversy that has lapsed into this race.

Medina Spirit tested positive for more than 21 pico grams of a steroid that is banned or really watched. So sooner or later, there will be a decision on whether or not Bob Baffert’s horse will be disqualified from winning the past Kentucky Derby. A horse hasn't been disqualified for drugs since 1968.

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Bob Baffert has been banned from Churchill Downs in Louisville because of this situation too! This is really crazy. But Baffert has been fined 30 times in his career and had four horses suspended in 2020 for whatever reasons. This man was looked at as the Vince Lombardi of horse trainers, but not anymore. He has painted himself into a corner with this controversy.

Medina Spirit will run in tomorrow’s Preakness at Pimlico Race track because no legal judgement has come down yet on that horse. Medina Spirit has passed the first of three tests to race in the Preakness Stakes. Bob Baffert will not be in attendance either because of the scrutiny he’ll be under. He also has another horse competing in the Preakness too.

This will be an unbelievable watched race to see if Median Spirt can win the second leg of the Triple Crown.

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