If you've ever dreamed of living life on a farm or perhaps living out your best "Yellowstone" dreams, then this equestrian estate may be worth looking at. Lucky for you, it's for sale.

6750 Bethel Church Road is located in Saline, Michigan. And this property isn't just home to a gorgeous house, but a 100+ acre equestrian estate/horse farm as well.

The property is called Renaissance Farm, and it is absolutely stunning. The Zillow listing overview states that "every detail of the home, barn, and property has been meticulously considered and executed," and I believe. I mean, you can see it for yourself in the pictures below.

Whoever designed this home and the adjoining stables thought of just about everything you could need to work hard and play harder. As evidenced by the bar and pool table in the walk-out lower level of the main house.

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If like me, you've ever dreamed of riding and raising horses, this isn't something to scoff at. The Renaissance Farm features a two-story barn with 17 stalls, automatic waterers, tack and feed rooms, grooming and washing stalls, and plenty more necessities and amenities to live out your best "horse girl" dreams.

Have you ever seen Bob's Burgers? Bob's daughter in the show, Tina, is absolutely obsessed with horses, and I could totally see her doing whatever it took to live in this gorgeous estate.

Whether you're a horse rider or a teacher, or perhaps you're just like Tina and you really love horses...this place would be a dream to live in. But don't take my word for it. Check out the phenomenal pictures in the gallery below.

Saline, Michigan Equestrian Estate For Sale

Do you have dreams of living on a farm? Perhaps, living your best "Yellowstone" life? Then perhaps this equestrian estate for sale in Saline, Michigan is for you. Not only does it come with the home, but with all the stables and equipment as well. Even a living space for the barn manager! And even if you can't afford to invest in this property, at least you can look at the pictures and imagine living out your best equestrian dreams.

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