This area is no different than any other city. Lansing and East Lansing have many restaurants, bars, bistro's, pub's, beer gardens, diners and the focus of my story sports bars. There are many sports bars in our area. The question is what makes a great sports bar?

So what is a sports bar? Some owners feel if you have a big screen television you are a sports bar. A true sports bar is a place for the ultimate sports fan. These are my ingredients for a great sports bar. First, and foremost you need an outstanding staff who wants to work hard. Also, you need very tasty finger foods. You don't need a hundred things on a menu. You need very good food that people want. Also, great sports artifacts and sports memorabilia around the venue. The ambience puts people in the right mood to eat, drink, be merry and get into a sporting event they are watching.

I feel this large deal too. The owner or manager should mingle and thank patrons for coming in. Once in a while it wouldn't hurt to buy a meal or drink for that golden patron. In this day and age some owners don't understand this policy. I have a lot of new ideas for owners. All you have to do is ask. Sports bars can be fun, or just be obnoxious. The owner can make this decision.


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