It's a very annoying, and very time-consuming matter. Or maybe you're just eating too fast! (Guilty as charged)

They're called Hiccups.

So why does this topic come up? Well, being in broadcasting, things happen! You can sneeze, cough, choke, or yes, even burp on live radio. It was a topic between a host and myself and what we've experienced on the air. You'd think being in this industry, we'd have a ton of home remedies and tricks, but when talking to my co-worker, we seemed to run only a few ideas off.

So, what are the ways to stop the hiccups that I've seen and been told before?

For one, hold your breath. In doing so, it raises your CO2 levels in your blood, stopping spasms in your diaphragm, according to

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Another way I've seen you can get rid of hiccups is to take some water, pop, whatever liquid you have, and swallow it with your head facing towards the ground. You should be in the same stance basically as if you were going to touch your toes. I don't know the reasoning behind why this one works, but I've seen it stop someone's hiccups before. You could also just drink the water quickly too if you can't do that suggestion.

Another way you could potentially stop your hiccups is sugar. Personally, I've never heard of this, but a listener called in and even my co-worker agreed, that sugar can indeed stop hiccups. Basically, you take a spoon full of sugar and let it sit in your mouth till it melts, then swallow it.

You could also gargle water, or even hold your breath and then take three big gulps.

A few of these were answers done by a quick and simple Google search, however, I'm interested in any home remedies you may have we failed to include. Let us know on our Facebook page, or in this station's free app.

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