Jim Rome's XR4Ti crew has a long history of loving the camera, and not just since their mugs hit the CBS Sports Network. We're almost certain we caught producer Adam Hawk moonlighting as a mall cop in this Hungry Howie's commercial. Take a look and tell me that's not Hawk going Paul Blart on a Segway.


The giveaway that the actor might truly be Hawk, besides the mustache, of course, is the final line of the spot. After being alerted to someone playing in the mall fountain, the cop radios back "Tiger on the prowl." Knowing Hawk's penchant for all things feline,  this has to be pure fan service to Clones.

And if this is truly Hawk in the commercial, he joins a distinguished group of XR4Ti actors like Jason "Without the Nicks and Cuts of a Blade" Stewart who has a Norelco commercial and Lifetime movie among his acting credits and Days of our Lives alum Kyle Brandt.

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