Rick in Buffalo has made himself one of the most recognized and dangerous clones on the Jim Rome Show. Here's why he'll claim the Jungle's most prestigious title when the Smack-Off turns 25 in 2019.

Rick Continually Makes the Show Better

Rick in Buffalo rose quickly to a "front of the line" caller after his Jungle debut. As a rookie in the 2018 Smack-off, he placed 7th, one of the best out-of-the-gate performances in history when many first timers, and other long-time Clones fail to place in the annual event.

Rick recently organized and hosted an already-epic Buffalo Clonestock. Sure, that's not enough to snag a Smack-Off title, but if you combine the phone game Rick brings with bona fide repping of the show, it'll be difficult for the judges to overlook.

Rick's Feuds Are Already Legendary

Rick established early on in his Jungle career that he's a puncher and he went looking for fights like one with Vic in No-Cal. He's taken on some of the show's biggest names and has won or held his own each tilt.

The current feud with Mark in Hollywood closed 2018 with serious heat.

It's Time for an East Coast Champ

Sure Rome is a So-Cal guy with a So-Cal based show, but don't forget Jim's deep East Coast roots.

The California dominance of the Smack-Off has been challenged for years with contenders from the Midwest Mafia like Mike in Indy, the 2014 champ, as well as East Coast guys Mark in Boston and Dan in DC with several Top 10 finishes in the last decade.

It's time for the title to find a new home along the East Coast to down and dirty, rust-belt champ and Rick is undisputed in the region.

Rick Will be Peaking At the Right Time

Rick earned a Golden Ticket to claim his 2018 Smack-off Invite. Listen to the evolution from an early call in March 2018 to December in the examples below. There's no indication that Rick's smack won't continue to grow right into mid-summer 2019 and the Smack-Off. Go ahead and crown him.

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