Rivalries are fun, right? Well, they're supposed to be.

One of the best, longest-running ones here in Michigan is, obviously, between Michigan State University and University of Michigan.

The Friday before the big game, offices across the state have their various pools, maybe buying into those football game "squares" or just simply celebrating some friendly competition by sporting their team's colors.

However, there's always THAT person that takes it too far and ruins the vibe for the whole office.

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How You Could Ruin It For Everyone Else

Look, we get there are varying levels to being a sports fan. Some people just grew up being a fan of one team so they continue to support in their adult life while others know everything there is to know about the team, the players, the EVERYTHING.

Then there are people who choose to be smug, to be nasty and to not know what it's like to poke fun at the other team without just being nasty.

We've all experienced it before, you walk into a room or up to a group of colleagues all decked out in the opposite gear as you. Someone may crack a joke and say "ahhh no Wolverines allowed here," for example, but you laugh and continue the conversation. However, sometimes there's that ONE person who's all "HOW COULD YOU LIKE THEM THEY (blahblahblah) AND WHAT ABOUT (blahblahblah)."

Look, I don't have to know anything about UofM football to know that I am ROCKING this maize and blue windbreaker and I enjoy watching at least two games a year...sue me.

It's Not That Serious

Whether it is a "show love for your team day" at the office or the tailgate before the game or anything in between, being a fan of one team versus another does not define yours or anyone else's personality.

Too many people get caught up in the "OH YOU'RE ONE OF THOSE" of it all that they lose the bit of fun that comes with having a rivalry.

It's all about being able to root for YOUR team and razz the other side and their supporters, it's not a time to be nasty, belittle people, etc.

We are adults, we are supposed to be working so we can get home sooner and make our preparations to scream "GO BLUE" all weekend....oh, or cheer for those other green guys (wink, wink).

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