You may "Fly the Friendly Skies" just not out of Lansing starting next year.

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Don't take it personal. It's not just us.

Before we get in our feelings about United Airlines dumping us, we need to know that a lot of folks got the adios amigo treatment from the airline as well. 11 regional routes to be exact according to Best Life.

United is dropping 11 regional flight routes to small U.S. cities from its hubs in Houston, Denver, and Chicago, Business Insider reported. The airline will no longer fly to Kalamazoo, Michigan; College Station, Texas; Columbia, Missouri; Mosinee, Wisconsin; Evansville, Indiana; Killeen-Fort Hood, Texas; Lansing Michigan; Monroe, Louisiana; Pierre, South Dakota; Watertown, South Dakota; and Twins Falls, Idaho. (Best Life)

We should consider ourselves lucky. Of the 11 listed, a handful of them will go into effect and cease flights starting at the end of November.

While we're not the only MICHIGAN city to lose service (Kalamazoo is on the list too), at least flights won't stop for us until January 3rd of next year.

Are you gonna tell us why? Was it something we said?

Here's a couple of things that we're not going to like hearing about the cancellation. "Covid" and "indefinitely".

United, like many airlines, has found that some of its markets have been slow to recover following the impact of the COVID pandemic. United Airlines told the news outlet that it would work to help make alternate plans for customers impacted by these cuts, but that these small cities would be getting cut indefinitely "due to changes in the long-term sustainability." (Best Life)

That pesky pilot shortage that's affecting other airlines is being blamed as well.

Not everyone is leaving us.

According to WILX, Delta and American will continue to fly out of Capital Region International Airport.

Maybe it's time to pack up the car and take a ride.

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