Now before ya get yer yee-doggies in a twist, we were just as confused about it as you so we reckon' we're going to learn ya a thing or two today!

We know what you are thinking..."Dagnabit, these cacklers got me hornswoggled somethin' awful."

Today is another one of those "talk like a (insert something silly here)" days except while this one won't get you free stuff like "Talk Like A Pirate" day, this one is a real gold mine of fun.

According to Interesly, it is "Talk Like a Grizzled Prospector" Day which is basically just a good excuse to call someone a "varmint" and just confuse the "beans 'n' biscuits" out of the people around you.

What is so great about talking like a "grizzled prospector" is you don't really need to make a ton of sense because as Interesly broke it down, pretty much any kind of gibberish means something different to a prospector!

Some of our favorites from their list include:

  • Dumfungled - if a "claim" is dumfungled, it's all used up - no gold to be found.
  • Powder Monkey - a miner who made holes quickly with the use of dynamite.
  • Blackjack and Sow Bosom - breakfast foods: coffee and bacon, respectively.
  • Hornswoggled - embarassed
  • All-Purpose curse words like "Dadburn" and "Consarn"

So today raise a glass of “Who-Hit-John” (whiskey) and make today a gold mine of chances to scream "EuuuuuREKA!"

We recommend using this clip of Will Ferrell AKA "Gus Chiggins" on SNL to inspire your character for the day.

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