You're probably wondering when you can listen to each game from start to finish. That's what they pay me for, or so I like to think.

I would like to remind you that this is subject to change due to weather or COVID updates. Since the Tigers will be playing from now until September, I'm abbreviating the list so we can update it as changes possibly occur.

*NOTE: Due to streaming rules, we cannot air Tigers Baseball on our stream, so feel free to continue listening to your favorite talents on the Big Talker, on our stream.*

Date & Times:

September 17th - Indians @ Tigers 7:10pm

September 18th - Indians @ Tigers 7:10pm

September 19th - Indians @ Tigers 6:10pm

September 20th - Indians @ Tigers 1:10pm

September 22nd - Tigers @ Twins 7:40pm

September 23rd - Tigers @ Twins 7:40 pm

September 24th - Tigers @ Royals 8:05pm

September 25th - Tigers @ Royals 8:05pm

September 26th - Tigers @ Royals 7:05pm

September 27th - Tigers @ Royals 3:05pm

*Note these times are subject to change due to COVID-19 Results, updates, weather delays ext...Stay up to date with Dan Dickerson& Jim Price*

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