If you haven’t seen the Tiger Woods documentary yet you need to. It’s a two part documentary that is very telling and revealing about Tiger Woods as an infant to the present day.

There is almost too much information about Tiger’s personal life, though. I thought I had read and saw a lot of this stuff. But I only saw a thumb nail sketch of his life behind the scenes.

Tiger Woods arguably is one of the greatest professional golfers ever. But his personal life after he married and had two children really spiraled out of control for the worse.

I really felt that they did a hatchet job on Tiger. They showed a lot of very personal and humiliating things that he was involved in. Now, don’t get me wrong, he put himself in these very bad situations. He had many extramarital affairs that were just not cool at all. He had a great loving wife. I really felt bad for her. Yeah, she in turn was compensated very well in their divorce settlement, but it still shouldn’t have happened.

Woods ended up in a sexual addiction facility and a few years later he almost overdosed on sleeping medication. He was arrested after he was driving a vehicle under the influence of that sleeping medication. But now Tiger does have his life under control with a Master’s Championship he won a couple years back. He also has a new girlfriend and he’s tight with his kids.

I just felt the Tiger Woods documentary was a little too excessive. But a lot of people thrive on people’s dirty laundry. I don’t! If you want to watch it, it’s on HBO.

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