These days it seems there is a ton of controversy and just all-around bad things going on in the world.

With the Pandemic still alive and well and the European conflict going full force, there are a lot of famous people that are in volatile conflicts and tumultuous situations.

Let’s look at the Brittney Griner situation in Russia. She is alleged to have tried to smuggle hashish oil in vape cartridges for whatever reason. She has been detained by the Russian government since February. The United States government will have to intervene now. This is a terrible situation, but it looks like Griner put herself in that position. We can only hope this is resolved peacefully.

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Then, there is the Trevor Bauer situation with MLB. He was suspended all of last season with pay. He had just signed a $104 million contract with the Dodgers. He had been accused of sexual assault by a woman. This had gone to court and Bauer won this case. Then last week MLB and the Dodgers suspended him for two years because more or less bad publicity for MLB. This will probably go to appeal.

Finally, there is the Johnny Depp court case in Fairfax, Virginia. I don’t even want to go into that hornet’s nest. His ex-wife Amber Heard takes the stand today.

Lots of controversy swirling around the world these days. Stand by!

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