Just yesterday, former Detroit Tiger Pitcher Jordan Zimmermann retired from Major League Baseball after a roller-coaster career. Zimmermann made his MLB debut in 2009 with the Washington Nationals.

The Tigers signed him to a free-agent contract in 2016. The Tigers signed him to a five-year, $110 million contract. It was the worst contract in Detroit Sports history. Now, don’t get me wrong Zimmermann was hurt most of his time spent in Detroit. But, when he did pitch it wasn’t that impressive.

In 2019, he finished the season with a 6.91 ERA and a putrid 1-13 record. He was the first hurler since at least 1908 to get fewer than two wins in a season with as many as 20 stars. Not good! But, like I said he had many arm problems. He ended his career with his home state Milwaukee Brewers.

Jordan Zimmermann ended his MLB career 95-91—Win-loss record, a 2x All-Star, and pitched a no-hitter with the Washington Nationals in 2014. All I can say is the Detroit Tigers really overpaid this cat.

This is on their current GM. Now, they're stuck with Miggy’s contract. But, the Tigers panicked when they lost Max Scherzer, Verlander, David Price, and a slew of other solid pitchers. The time has come, the Tiger owners have to figure the direction they want to go. I really believe that their manager AJ Hinch is the right guy for the job.

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So, the worst contract in Detroit sports history goes to Jordan Zimmermann. Too many injuries and just shoddy pitching. He walks away with $110 million dollars plus. Unbelievable!

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