Yesterday was the first day that college athletes could sign letters of intent to play at their college or university of choice. This is how I really feel about signing day. It’s flat-out overrated, and I'll tell you why.

These athletes are coveted like gold. At larger universities, it’s of course much different being on a full ride. But today’s athletes live in another world. It’s called the world of the Transfer Portal.

A lot of these athletes for whatever reason will be disgruntled and want to leave. They will be unhappy with the coaching, play calling, not enough playing time, whatever.

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These schools and universities make such a big deal out of signing day, but it’s a complete joke! Like I said, these ballplayers will jump into the Transfer Portal or be asked to because they're not working out or they see another player that fits the mold of what they're looking for.

Signing day is overrated because of all the reasons I have given. The Transfer Portal has changed the entire landscape of college athletics. If you disagree with me, you have your head in the sand. Between the Transfer Portal and NIL, big-time college athletics has changed dramatically!

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