Summers in Michigan are like no other, especially in some tourist destination zones. That offers the question though, where can you go to get a whiff of all that during winter in Michigan?

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Take a look at these destinations that you can check out, to spice up your winter season, and hopefully get you out of the winter blues.

Top Places Every Michigander Should Check Out This Winter

We all need a winter escape, right? What better way to do it and enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature, than traveling to a few Michigan winter favorites.

Of course, Frankenmuth and Holland, Michigan made it on the top winter destinations here in Michigan. But, where is your big-time winter destination?

Winters in Michigan can be cold, but there is no reason you can't make the most of them and check out the scenery that goes with this amazing state.

Open the station app, and talk to us. Tell us where you would go to enjoy some good scenery during the winter months.

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