It's only took about 20 years and four mayors to get this thing off the ground but it's finally here.

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Downtown Lansing Gets It's Standing Ovation.

Literally. In more ways than one.

The new downtown entertainment and arts facility will be called "The Ovation". When construction is completed it will stand at the corner of Washington Ave. and Lenawee Street (currently a parking lot).

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Besides the fact that it's been in the works forever, it will serve as the perfect venue for artists to make a stop in Lansing. Usually, they pass us by and head to Detroit or Grand Rapids.  Now, they've got a reason and a place to stop.

...The Ovation is designed to fill the empty market niche between smaller venues and the 2,000-seat Wharton Center. A major goal is to draw national rock, country, hip-hop, comedy, and other attractions that typically skip Lansing to play in Detroit or Grand Rapids. (Lansing City Pulse)

And not just an entertainment center. A cultural arts and entertainment hub that will also serve as a permanent home for the Lansing Public Media Center.

Early plans call for constructing a venue that can house  1,530 seats — or 2,025 standing concertgoers — which could also possibly house local arts and culture organizations like the All of the Above Hip-Hop Academy and the Lansing Art Gallery. (Lansing City Pulse)

What's the price tag for our new venue? Estimates put it at around $21 million with at least $10 million in dedicated arts funding from the city and state already set aside.

And The Ovation makes two?!?

A little while back, we told you about a little space right down the road that was about to undergo a little bit of a transformation.

Another venue for live entertainment could soon open its doors in Lansing. RBM Properties is proposing a $355,000 renovation to a building on Washington Square. (WILX)

The building in question is located in downtown Lansing at 224 S. Washington Square.  The building has been in Lansing for roughly 100 years. The last residents inside the building were the Blue Knight Hookah Lounge.

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That would put this new proposed venue only a few short blocks away from the proposed location of "The Ovation".

We've heard all this before but the funds do seem to be in the right place this time.

Once they finish ironing out the details, paperwork and get everyone on the same page, officials are saying construction COULD start this year.

Head here to read the article from Lansing City Pulse about "The Ovation".

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