When you're talking about iconic sports figures, people will always bring up the name Mickey Mantle. This Wednesday, the Baseball Hall of Fame will elect one or more new members to its Hall of Fame. Cooperstown is the town where this great place is located. I chose to talk about one of its greatest members . Mantle lived a tumultuous life on and off the baseball field.

Mickey Mantle was discovered by a scout for the New York Yankees in the little town of Commerce, Oklahoma. Mantle had a tough time getting adjusted when he was brought up to play with the Bronx Bombers; but after awhile he settled in and had a great career. He had to overcome many injuries along with hard partying most of his career. The Hall of Fame is a place of greatness. Names like Ruth, Cobb, Gehrig, Williams Mays, and Aaron are just a few.

One day I will go to Cooperstown, New York, to the Hall and see this place of baseball holiness. There will be new members very soon, They need 75% of the sportswriters votes to get in. I used Mickey Mantle as an example because of his iconic history, but to be truthful without multiple injuries and partying, he could have been one of the best ever!