The Chicago Cubs have been just a rotten franchise for over 100 years. But finally the Cubbies are starting to turn the corner in the right direction.

With a new General Manager in Theo Epstein they are on the right track. Epstein, cut his teeth with the Boston Red Sox. There they won two World Series and hadn't done that in many years.

Theo Epstein then moved on to the Windy City. He assembled a strong executive team and started to draft some outstanding players. In just a short time the Cubs have taken leaps and bounds towards winning. Winning hasn't been in that franchise's vocabulary in over 100 years.

Everyone will always remember "Mr. Cub" Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Billy Williams, Fergie Jenkins and Andre Dawson. But now there are new kids on the block, like Rizzo, Bryant, and the key piece of their future Manager Joe Madden.

Joe Madden is regarded as one of the best managers in MLB. He cut his teeth as a coach with the Angels, then became the Manager of the Tampa Rays. There he took a rotten team to stardom coming up short of winning a World Championship. Now in Chicago he has the task of resurrecting an awful franchise like what he did in Tampa.

All I can say is if anyone can get the Cubs on top It's Joe Madden, and he has them in the right direction.