...somewhere you've never been...I'm almost sure of it... Is there anything better than drinking in a small town bar? Where you feel like your eavesdropping on local conversations because everybody knows each other so well?

Well, the thrillist.com has dropped a list of the best small town bars in every state, and the one they've listed for Michigan could very well be the best. Except it's in such a remote region of the state, I'm not sure if there's a way we can check on it.

What makes me angry about it, is I've been by this place six or seven times in my life and never bothered to stop by for a beer.

The best small town bat in Michigan is...

Fitzgerald's In Eagle River.

Situated along beautiful M-26 (seriously, if you think M-22 is the shizznit, you really need to go way north), Eagle River hugs the rocks along lake Superior between Hancock and the stunning Copper Harbor in the most remote reaches of the Keweenaw Peninsula, Michigan's northernmost county.

Here's what Thrillist has to say about Fitz's place.

Located deep enough in the northern region of the Upper Peninsula Keweenaw Peninsula -- a gorgeous, Lake Superior-engulfed place buried in snow for much of the year and perched so far north that even the most avid Michigan travelers might get a nosebleed -- the Fitz serves up great BBQ to go along with the requisite whitefish, but despite its designation as a restaurant, it might also be the best place to drink with a view of a Great Lake period. That's thanks to the owner's obsession with Michigan's immaculate craft beer scene, with more than 100 local (and not-so-local) brews on offer, perfect for sipping with a view of the mighty lake.

In addition to being one of Michigan's greatest undiscovered beer bars, they also have a deep love of whiskey, with 90+ bottles on offer and a staff loaded with knowledge about each. And yeah, you can snowmobile there in the winter, but the real move here is to book a room at the adjoining Eagle River Inn and bask in the magnificent sunsets on a tiny slice of heaven, beer in hand and surrounded by travelers and locals whose only real worries are which beer to get next. 

So next time you're in Eagle River (year round population 71), stop in to Fitz's and say 'Hi'. I'm pretty sure they whole town will be there.

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