Maybe I am just biased growing up here in the state of Michigan, but I feel like you'd be crazy not to fall in love with the state of Michigan...

I mean, you have a state that experiences all four seasons, sometimes in just a matter of a week, and we have lakes, beaches, and sights that don't compare to other states at times.

We also have tons of great local businesses, and a lot of big chains have gotten their start here in the state of Michigan, which makes you wonder why anyone wouldn't want to start out here in Michigan.

These Are The 15 Best Places To Live In Michigan

We've only just started another year here in Michigan, so we can sit back and review this list in the next few months and we may see some difference.

Thus far, this list goes over the best places to live in Michigan, according to Niche, thus far in the year of 2022.

Take a look below and see if your city made the list or not.

The Best Places To Live In Michigan In 2022

Looking around for a good place to live in Michigan? Take a look at these 15 Michigan destinations that made the list of locations thus far in 2022 that are the best to live in. Did your town make the list?

Just Because We Love Michigan, Doesn't Mean She's Perfect

Let's be honest here, even the pretty ones have their flaws, and Michigan does have a few bad locations to live in.

Take a look below at the five worst places to live in Michigan here in 2022 as well.

The Top 5 Worst Places To Live In Michigan In 2022

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