MSU’s defense really smelled on Saturday afternoon versus Purdue. MSU was ranked third in the College Football Poll, but they didn't play like it. They were terrible defensively.

MSU was exposed and exploited with injuries and inexperienced players getting their shot. If MSU is to continue to be competitive in these next three games, they will have to tighten up their defense.

This was really a disappointment, but that’s sports. No team in this country is without flaws. MSU still scored 29 points against Purdue, but they couldn’t stop Purdue’s passing game.

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MSU is a ton better than they were last year, but they need to toughen up on defense to say the least. Mel Tucker has done a solid job with an almost new team. But even he knows that was a poor performance from his entire defense.

The new players will have to step it up against Maryland on Saturday. Toe to leather is 4 bells. MSU is a 13 point favorite too. When you’re given an opportunity, you have to run with it.

The defensive coaches also have to work hard at this to accomplish their goals. If MSU is going to beat their opponents in these next three games, they have to get better defensively quick.

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