Well, this weekend was the same old story, MSU was crushed by Indiana at home and Michigan was slaughtered by Wisconsin at home Saturday night. Both teams' seasons are in shambles and in the dregs of the power rankings.

This has become the norm with both these teams. I cannot believe how bad the Michigan Wolverines have been since their first game against the rudderless boat-rowing Minnesota. Jim Harbaugh is really on the proverbial hot seat. That seat is molten hot too! This guy is paid almost $8 million for this coaching job. Bottom line unacceptable! This situation has gone from awful to super awful. Harbaugh is really going to feel the Pandemic pressure. He was their guy and it flat-out isn’t working out. Everyone thinks he will not be at Michigan next season. But, I say not so fast. I think he will stick around and work feverishly to turn it around.

Now about the Spartans situation. They have a first-year head coach in Mel Tucker. He’s paid a lot of money under the circumstances. He is in his first year and people will cut him a little slack. But, only a little because I live in a no excuse world. If I have to be held accountable for everything so does everyone else. Tucker, must comb this world to get a quarterback. Because the one’s he has in-house aren’t cutting the cake and getting it done. MSU’s offense is almost non-existent. This is no doubt a weird year because of Coronavirus but everyone else has been dealt the same hand. Will these two teams continue to smell. I hope not!

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