As summer winds down and we enjoy the last few hot weekends we have left, here's a reminder that dehydration doesn't only happen in the heat!

Of course, the heat paired with dehydration is a super bad combo as I, personally, learned last weekend!

I will admit, we were drinking on Saturday, we went wine tasting. What I did not realize was that the one glass of water they gave us to cleanse our palettes was the only water I had drank that day.

We got up Sunday and I thought I had just your average, run-of-the-mill hangover. However, after pounding Gatorade and water all morning to no avail, I thought something more serious was going on. Then we went on the boat, in the sun and things took a turn.

My skin was flushed, I was unbearably hot and felt like my insides were sweating because my outsides just couldn't sweat enough and I actually started getting disoriented and slurring my speech (no, I was not drinking that day).

Monday, I woke up and was so dizzy and lightheaded I had to call into work. Turns out, I was extremely dehydrated!

I think I had been teetering the lines of being fully dehydrated for a while. Every morning just feeling groggy and not having very sharp focus throughout the day. I thought it was my body's way of telling me I needed more caffeine so I would be having iced coffee more often than just good ol' H2O.

I didn't know all the symptoms of dehydration past basically the color of your urine and just being thirsty; however there is plenty more!

Here are a few of the major symptoms of dehydration A Healthier Michigan says you should know:

Symptoms Of Dehydration

Why in a state surrounded by water we have to be reminded "Just because you're in/on the water does not mean it's in you" we may never know!

What you do know, now, are ways to identify you are dehydrated.

So, drink your water folks, especially as we move from hot, humid summers to fall and into Michigan's cold, dry winters. Hydration is crucial all year long!

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