Cars, computers, toys and more! You can get it all at the Michigan Surplus Store.

Have you ever wondered what happens to all of the stuff that the Michigan State Police seize from criminals? It all ends up in the State of Michigan Surplus Store.

The store isnt filled with hoarders who just sit on piles of other peoples things, it's filled with everyday goods. The store normally auctions off these items online at their MiBid site here.

You can find anything from used police cruisers to furniture on the bid site, and now the physical store is opening up for a one day sale.

The sale will happen on Saturday, December 8th from 8am to Noon. This won't be an auction style sale, so you'll have to grab what you want before someone else gets it.

You can get more information about the one day sale here, or check out the flyer about the sale here. The site gives a brief rundown of the items that will be available.

Items available through the store include computers, phones, cameras, computer accessories, various knives, wine keys, sporting goods, musical equipment, tools, automotive equipment, desks, file cabinets, chairs, book shelves, jewelry and other fashion accessories


The store also contains items that are taken at airports by TSA, so you will have a never ending pick of liquids over 3 oz.

The store is located at 300 W. St. Joseph, Building 600, Lansing MI.

Some of the money will go toward helping the MSP beef up their Super Troopers costumes.


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