We've all had plenty of time to miss going to and spending tons of money on live sporting events, but what if our Detroit stadiums actually offer relatively cheaper experiences than other cities?

The day I make it back to a Red Wings game will be one of the top 10 happiest moments of my life, there truly is nothing like it for me. I used to frequent the Joe Louis Arena growing up and loved the atmosphere...but not necessarily the prices.

We all know food, beer, merch, etc. are significantly more expensive at sports venues but it is just something you come to expect when you love it so much.

Well, MLive found a recent study that shows our costs at these stadiums/arenas are actually pretty middle-of-the road when compared to other states.

Citing a study done by TN Bets, MLive was able to find and share with us the average cost of attending a sporting event for our Detroit teams.

These averages were determined by looking at the costs of things like "one general admission ticket, two beers, a hot dog and the cost of parking" says MLive.

Starting with the most expensive in Detroit and 11th-most expensive out of all in the study, the average cost of a Detroit Red Wings game at Little Caesars Arena is about $118.43.

As much as the Lions lose, they are winning when it comes to their beer costs which is part of the reason they ranked 28th in the NFL and have an average price tag of $126.87.

The Pistons ranked 25th in the NBA category with their average cost coming in at $86.86...which seems fair. I know I wouldn't want to spend any more than that.

Last but not least, another team that was 25th in their respective league was the Tigers! The average cost of a day at Comerica Park will run you about $53.56...about HALF what it is to see the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field.

Find all the facts, figures, comparisons from the full report from TN Bets HERE and see how our teams stack up against the rest in their respective league(s)!

All in all, no matter what you spend to go see a sporting event in Detroit it is absolutely worth it.

However, it would be EXTRA worth it if our teams actually started performing better but hey, 2021 is a year for hope so here's to doing exactly that for our teams and for the possibility of being able to go see them play.

Until then, let's let our favorite Michigan athletes give us a bit of inspiration to get us through:

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