Those sick of winter rejoice, spring is coming early this year! Is it climate change or just the calendar?

As MLive reported, "We’re about to have the earliest spring of our lives" and there is math involved to explain why.

Without going into "too much" technical detail, "meteorological spring" started this past weekend but the Spring Equinox happens on March 19th, 2020, sealing its place as the earliest it has been since 1896.

The old standby, the Old Farmer's Almanac breaks it all down but to put it simply, many factors including leap years and other technical calendar details are the main reasons for this consensus.

While the weather this week has us flirting with Spring, there are no guarantees Mother Nature is ready to completely break up with Winter just yet!

Some of us, myself included, do love Winter and can see the positives but even he biggest snowy-season lovers can admit, it would be nice to see the sunshine again!

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