Everyone who follows sports knows nicknames play a big part in all of them, whether it's teams, players, individual sports, coaches or broadcasters. Going back hundreds of years, there have always been nicknames. It doesn’t matter, team sports or whatever, there have always been nicknames.

Also, how did the nicknames start? Who gave the nicknames? Did they start at birth or with the respective family? All nicknames have a history. I love hearing old and new nicknames. It seems like you’re an outcast if you don’t have one.

For instance, my nickname is "Mad Dog." I gave myself that nickname over 20 years ago. How you ask? I used to imitate this pro wrestler “Mad Dog” Buzz Sawyer. That’s how it came and stuck.

But there are so many nicknames. I can list at least fifty off of the top of my head. Here we go: Babe, Dizzy, DMAC, Splendid Splinter, Yankee Clipper, L.T., Air Jordan, Magic, The Chosen One, Superman, Tiger, Lefty, ARod, Worm, Microwave, Zeek, The Hick From French Lick, Iron Mike, Plastic Man, Human Eraser, Sweetness, Mad Stork, Nature Boy, The Rock, Shoeless Joe, Shoes, Pudge, Gibby, Willie the Wonder, Storming Norman, Bulldog, The Bear, Gronk, Megatron, DDp, The Snake, Human Highlight Film, Izz, Coach K., Black Mamba, Dwade, Bubba, Buddha, Slick, World Be, World Metta, The Glide, The Dream,Yogi, Bad Moon and Pop.

What about team nicknames? For instance, the Lie downs, the Paper Clips, the Jail Blazers, the Aints, the motor City Kitties, the Twinkies, these are just a finger nail scratch at team nicknames.

I know all of you have your personal favorites, so think hard and add them in a comment. Life in sports wouldn’t be the same without nicknames.

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