I have been collecting sports cards since I was a young boy. There was nothing like going to a store and getting those wax packs with the cards and gum in them. I loved opening them up and getting my heroes with the perfect cardboard photos. I was really into this for at least twenty years of my life.

I didn’t just collect baseball cards. I also collected football, hockey, and basketball cards too. The different sports are what I really liked about this hobby.

I would trade cards with friends and cousins. I still have almost all of the cards that I collected over the years. They also had 3-D baseball cards in boxes of Kelloggs Corn Flakes.

There have always been great promotions inside the packs of cards too. Oh yeah, don’t forget that rock hard bubblegum too. When I think and still look at my cards, it reminds me of my childhood. I had a great childhood and part of it was collecting my sports cards.

I would go up to this store that was on W. Saginaw called Tug’s and get my cards there. I also would get a lot of my cards in Hallandale, Florida when we would take seasonal trips to our family home.

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The sports cards business has been flat and dead for many years, but then the Pandemic hit us all. Sports cards have come roaring back in the past year. The younger collectors buy boxes of sports cards hoping to get that one superstar athlete. The older card collectors have also seen a skyrocket in the older cards too. I  never saw this coming, but it has happened.

If you want a great hobby, start buying old cards from card shops, dealers, eBay, or where you can find them. Also, start buying new or newer cards online from card shops and dealers. They used to have card shows in Malls or larger venues too. After Covid, they stopped. Well, they have opened those back up now. So, whatever city you are in, attend one of these shows. They're a blast and they usually have former pro ballplayers there too.

I am so fired up about sports cards making a solid comeback.

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