Master's College started off strong early in the first 7 minutes of 1st half, but the Spartans were able to come back from behind about half way into the half, coming up with a 27 point lead going into halftime. The Spartans continued their domination of the Mustangs into the second half, leading to a massive win in this first game of exhibition play. Denzel Valentine led the game in points, scoring 24 points for the Spartans. Russel Byrd scored 22 points for the Mustangs. MSU shot 12-26 from the 3-point line, and 9-14 for free throws, and led with 57 rebounds. Tune in on November 8th when the Spartans take on St. Cloud State. Pregame coverage starts at  7:45 on Classic Rock, 94.9 WMMQ.