When Miguel Cabrera was traded to the Tigers from the Marlins, it was a monumental trade. The Tigers had such an epic lineup. Miggy had become one of the most feared hitters ever to play Major League Baseball. He achieved hitting for the elite Triple Crown. The last man to do that was Carl Yastrzemski of the Red Sox in 1967. So, it’s not an easy feat by anyone’s measures.

The late owner Mike Ilitch signed and locked Cabrera into an 8 year, $248,000,000 contract. His average salary is $31 million. Miggy is pushing 38 years of age and not putting up big numbers anymore. He is hurting this franchise and not allowing them to move on. The Detroit Tigers are absolutely stuck with this wild contract.

Miggy symbolizes the risk of long-term contracts. He is the poster child for this. The Tigers got him out of hot water a few times, too. One was his drinking situation a few years back, and he also had a spousal situation (he has another family in Florida). That’s his personal side. Professionally, he’s just not getting the job done.

He stills trots out ground balls running to first base and not running. The Tigers don’t ever get on him for a lack of hustling. He can’t play the field any longer because he doesn’t have the speed or reflexes like he once did. Bottom line, he’s turned into a liability at the plate and defensively. This year Miggy is making over $20,000,000 in the short season. In 2021 $30,000,000, in 2022 $32,000,000, in 2023 $32,000,000 and with two team options in 2024 and 2025. This guy made out like a bandit with this contract. It’s really a crime that the Tigers gave him that much money and now he is on the  downside of his career.

Everyone knows he’ll be a first ballot Hall of Famer, but, as of right now, he’s marginal at best. Something has to give with Miggy and his future with the Detroit Tigers. This is a pathetic situation and it's one of the things that is wrong with big time professional sports.

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