With so many concerts and festivals being cancelled for 2020 due to COVID-19, it was just at matter of time before we would start to hear that fairs throughout Michigan were going to be cancelled this summer, too. Well, that time is apparently here because last week, officials with the Ionia Free Fair announced that they were going to cancel this year's Free Fair that was scheduled to take place July 16th thru July 25th in Ionia. Here's the Ionia Free Fair's official statement that they put up on their Facebook page:

The Ionia Free Fair isn't the only fair that's decided to cancel this year. On Monday, officials with the Shiawassee County Fair also made it official and cancelled their fair that was supposed to take place August 9th thru August 15th in Corunna. Here's their official statement regarding the decision to cancel that was posted on the Shiawassee County Fair Facebook page:

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Officials with the Eaton County Fair announced on their Facebook page over the weekend, that they "moving forward as planned" for their fair this summer that is scheduled to take place July 13th thru the 18th in Charlotte. Here's what they posted on their Facebook page:

Also, according to a post on their Facebook page, officials with the Jackson County Fair said that the "2020 Jackson County Fair Book" is now available ONLINE ONLY. The Jackson County Fair is scheduled to take place August 9th thru the 15th. Here' the JCF Facebook post regarding the fair books:

At this point, the Fowlerville Family Fair is also scheduled to take place July 27th thru August 1st. Last month, they shared the following announcement on their Facebook page from the Fowlerville News & Views:


Meanwhile, according to information on their Facebook page, there has been no official decision yet regarding the Ingham County Fair in Mason which is supposed to take place August 3rd thru August 8th. Stay tuned.

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