The 86th edition of Major League Baseball's All-Star game is set to be played in about a month at the Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati. As it stand right now the game would basically be the Kansas City Royals versus the National League all-stars.

By now this statement shouldn't be a shock to anyone. There's plenty of different articles and conspiracy theories into why this has and is happening, including from the station's own personalities.

As of Monday, eight royals lead, and some by hefty margins. Salvador Perez is up by almost four million votes on his nearest competition, and with Alcides Escobar nearly doubling Jose Iglesias' total, it borders on the absurd.

This has begged the question from many what can be done about this?

Commissioner Manfred could pull rank on the fans and make an executive declaration to include more deserving players to start (**cough Cabrera cough Altuve cough**) and he wouldn't be blazing any trails in doing so. In 1957, it was found that Cincinnati fans had stuffed ballot boxes all across the country and seven Reds were selected to start for the National League. Commissioner Ford Frick after consulting an investigation appointed Wilie Mays and Hank Aaron to start over two Reds outfielders.

Would a brand new Commissioner of America's pastime pull a bold move like that early in his tenure? Manfred has expressed interest in changing the format "in the future". So as of now, that would appear unlikely.

With that in mind the only other option seems to be VOTE! Not only vote, vote smart. It's beyond the point that we want our favorite players in the midsummer classic. It's become the less Royals the better. Cabrera is only about 450,000 votes out from Eric Hosmer. Jose Altuve of the Astros has the smallest deficit at 300,000 behind Omar Infante, and Nelson Cruz of the Mariners is also in immediate striking distance, only 550,000 votes behind Kendrys Morales. If those three win out though, more than half of the lineup would be Royals for starters.

If you're feeling lazy allow me to help you by giving you the best players by vote total that are available to displace Royals, no matter how far the deficit to being a starter.
C Stephen Vogt OAK
1B Miguel Cabrera DET
2B Jose Altuve HOU
SS Jose Iglesias DET
3B Josh Donaldson OAK
OF Adam Jones BAL
OF Yoenis Cespedes DET
OF Jose Bautista TOR
DH Nelson Cruz SEA

So go everybody! Go to and help sway the tide for the sake of a realistic all-star game.