This week, the NCAA Council voted to allow unlimited meals for student athletes.

Huh. That's funny. The president of the NCAA was on Meet the Press a couple of weeks ago and said food is not a problem for student athletes. It was also stated on that program that the NCAA took in $913 million dollars in last year's three-week NCAA tournament.

Of course, UConn won this year's tournament. Their star guard Shabazz Napier dropped a bombshell just moments after winning the NCAA title, saying that he sometimes would go to bed hungry.

With all due respect, I find that very hard to believe. If any student athlete is hungry, they should get up and tell a school official about it. Better yet, get up and go down to a cafeteria.

This rule has been discussed for a few years. Current NCAA rules allow three meals daily for full-scholarship student athletes but less coverage for partial scholarships and walk-ons. If finally approved, the new rule would take effect Aug. 1.

I am a little confused: The NCAA president says food is no problem for today's student athletes, so why the rule change?

This is the way I see it: If any athlete is hungry, someone will get them food. This has been blown out of proportion. Shabazz Napier is one of the best guards in Division 1 basketball. He is destined for the NBA, where he will be an instant millionaire.

Shabazz, I am not buying that you were going to bed hungry. But, I guess this new meal rule will go down as the Shabazz Napier rule.