Let me start off by saying, we are all tired during these trying times. However, don't forget the ones who are stocking the shelves for you, or pulling twelve-hour shifts to take care of those who are fighting this cruel virus off.

With all of that being said, I'd like to remind you that you and I are not making the rules right now.

That sign asking you to put your face mask on at your local store or gas station? That was not created by the person counting you as you walk in, or ringing up your red bull at the counter. They are the ones who are just as sick of wearing a mask as you are.

As someone who works at a big store right now, I can promise you I'm not happy either. I'm trying direly to stock the shelves with things you need right now. I'm not just unhappy, I'm exhausted working eight hours a day, and still being behind because we are still in a pandemic and things are in such high demand.

You may have questions and you may be irritated. Trust me, the employees are all ears to listen to you vent and complain because we truly understand. But I must remind you, we didn't ask for this either.

Can you imagine, or do you even know what it's like, to wear a face mask for an eight-hour shift?

I've seen a lot of violence and hateful words come against those employees who have asked a customer to put a face mask on. If you do this, you may want to find a better hobby.

I hope you remember before you yell at that 18-year-old who is just working his first job to get by that he is only doing what the company is asking. And the company has that policy in place because that's what the state is asking of them.

Also, we don't want to hear that you won't spend your money with us because we can't accept cash due to a lack of money, or because we won't let you have the liberty not to wear a mask.

We are no happier than you are that we have to wear a mask, but are doing it to protect you and your family. And with the cash situation, well...if we don't have cash, we can't do anything about it. But most of the time, you can go to the customer service desk or a manned cash register to pay with your hard-earned cash.

The next time you're in that drive-thru or in the store, do not take how you feel out on that employee, manager, or store director. You can't imagine how hard we are working to keep things in motion. Most of our in-place rules are due to what the state is asking of us, and even if they're not, we decided to put them in place for you.

As you go shopping or out to eat this weekend, smile. We may not be able to see it, but trust me, we've learned to figure out you're smiling at us. Share some encouraging words, and keep six feet away.

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