I can honestly say, my allergies are even non-existent it seems this year. Not to jinx anything either, but I've hardly gotten sick this year either. Some are choosing to base all this on politics on why people aren't getting the flu as much as others, but I truly think it is the mask.

With more people masking up in the state of Michigan, the numbers of the flu this past flu season did go down from the previous year. Constant hand sanitizer usage and hopefully less touching of your face helped attribute to getting sick less, because let's be honest here. Why would you want to be sick?

According to research from last year, only 400,000 people were hospitalized due to the flu, and doctors are saying that was a record low compared to other years.

“This was a historical year with how few flu cases we saw,” Dr. Paul Entler, the Sparrow Vice President  of Quality and Performance Improvement said to WILX.

Back in one week of April, only one person had been positively tested for the flu.

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So, what do you believe here? Is it the mask? Proper handwashing? More of awareness to germs and viruses? It's all open to discussion and personal opinion. This past year has been a historic one, and one we won't forget.

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