One thing that people will always remember about my family’s bar are the tabletops. To this day, the tables at DeMarco’s Bar are legendary. I was lucky enough to snag one years ago.

DeMarco’s Bar was a very popular hot spot in the Mid-Michigan area for over 75 years. People would come there for the excellent pizza, giant hams, submarines, beef specials, and of course the steak sandwiches with mushrooms.

The family atmosphere was spectacular too, but the one distinct specialty customers loved were the tabletops in our bar area. They were unique, and to this day, from the hundreds of places I’ve been, I have never seen tabletops like those that were at DeMarco’s Bar.

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The reason they were so cool was because of the script "DeMarco" name on the front. And they had cocktail recipes on the front area of them. I don’t know what year my family put them in the bar. I would say they were there easily 50 years.

You have read my articles in the past few weeks about my family’s business. As I get ready to move to Alabama, I guess I’m getting more sentimental.

But I will say this: those DeMarco’s Bar tabletops are still a very special item in my books. I hope the people that are reading this will comment if they ever saw these at DeMarco’s Bar!

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