I have to make an admission. Ready?

I don't know a lot about goats. I don't mean (arguably) Tom Brady or (inarguably) Michael Jordan. I mean real goats, like the animals. But, what I do know about them is something that I am (inarguably) sure of. You can't turn your back on some of them.

When I was a kid, my grandpa had a few goats on his farm. One day I was out in the field with some of the farm animals (including some goats) and I made the mistake of turning my back on this one specific goat.

I ended up taking the business end of a goat head to the backside. It wasn't one of my best days. My dad and grandpa got a large charge out of it though. Really funny...

So in the interest of helping you find something interesting to do with the family that is safe...and even more safe because there's no way to get a head butt from a goat, I bring you the story of a farm in Oxford, Michigan that is actually offering private Zoom meetings with baby goats. I mean, what kid or adult wouldn't want a little tour of a farm and see some baby goats? That's right, according to Mlive, this is a thing and you even get to see some chickens, too. There is a fee, but you can have up to 100 people on the call per goat Zoom meeting.

And remember, it's baby goats. Which is a good thing because baby goats are cute and sweet and cuddly and aren't big and mean enough yet to head butt an unsuspecting 10 year old when he isn't looking.

Get more info here from Mlive.

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