Ray Rice, the former running back of the Baltimore Ravens, finds himself at the center of a whole lot of controversy. Months ago in Atlantic City, at the Revel Hotel and Casino, Mr. Rice did a very terrible thing.

Inside the hotel elevator he knocked out his fiancé at the time. His fiancé is now his wife, Janay. Bottom line in a nutshell, it was caught on camera and the NFL just gave him a two game suspension. There was intense public outcry, to no avail because he was protected by the NFL's collective bargaining agreement.

Well, that has all been blown out of the water since more footage was released on Tuesday. This video was of Rice slugging his better half and her head striking very hard against the metal railing inside the elevator. All you can say is wow when you see it.

Now the whole story has changed. On Monday, the Ravens cut Rice and the NFL suspended him indefinitely.

Ray Rice is a bad guy. Anyone who is involved with this type of violence towards women is a bad person. Some people will disagree with me, but the truth is in the footage. The worst case is that his wife has no problem with this animalistic behavior. In my mind The Commissioner of the NFL Roger Goodell should ban him for life. Even though people should be given a second chance, this an exception to the rule.