The NFL is finally starting to move in the right direction in terms of making the Pro Bowl entertaining. ESPN is reporting that this year's Pro Bowl will feature an Epic Pro Bowl Dodgeball, the Power Relay Challenge, Precision Passing and Best Hands challenges.

In the past the NFL has done a skills challenge crowning the fastest man, strongest man and more. Changes had to made after the 2016 Pro Bowl had the most declined invitations in the game's history and yielded the lowest ratings.

In 2013, the league had shifted from conference versus conference and implemented a fantasy draft and players were chosen by an NFL legend. Jerry Rice and Deion Sanders were captains in 2013, Micheal Irvin and and Chris Carter in 2014 then Rice and Irvin drafted last year's teams.

The league starting to teeter in the wrong when the Pro Bowl was temporarily taken out of Hawaii. Why not reward the Pro Bowlers with a mini-vacation and a weekend to relax? They put their knees and their brains at risk for four months anyway, give them a break.

The draft format isn't expected to change but a dodgeball is enough to get me to watch. I want to see Matthew Stafford plug a linebacker in the face or see Jameis Winston's fastball in Orlando.