According to, actual betting odds are up on the world wide web, in case you want to bet on who will replace Jim Harbaugh as head coach at Michigan.

Yes, Michigan had a tough loss in that Wisconsin game. Yes, they need to beat Ohio State this year. Beat them and run the score up on them. (BTW - what's with all the Ohio State flags I've seen recently in and around DeWitt?) But, you can't fire Harbaugh. He's too much fun.

And speaking of Ohio State, guess who's been mentioned as one of the possible replacement coaches at the University of Michigan? Former Ohio State head coach, Urban Meyer. I kid you not. And these are Michigan fans saying this! There's a hashtag for it and everything. Michigan fans, do you REALLY want Urban Meyer to be your head coach? I don't believe it. Even Urban's wife doesn't believe it.

Call off the dogs, Ann Arbor. And don't eat chicken. It's making you nervous.

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