Owosso Athletic Director, Dallas Lintner, put pen to paper after being inspired by a St. Johns football player.  The piece, entitled 'Why I Cried After Losing A Football Game,' was published on Second Half by MHSAA on Monday.
The Trojans fell hard on Friday October 2nd to St. Johns; a Homecoming Victory for the Redwings, 55-19.  But it wasn't the defeat that brought Lintner to tears, he wrote, but rather, the exceptionally kind gesture of one St. Johns player toward an Owosso player that was diagnosed with leukemia more than a year ago.  The Redwings' Blake Thelen was so moved last spring after reading about Logan Turner, who remains a member of the Owosso football program but unable to actively play, that he championed a drive to collect funds during a game that would be played more than six months later.
More than $900 was collected on Friday night in an act of incredible generosity that Lintner said left him mumbling incoherently.  Lintner wrote Turner occasionally attends football functions with the approval of his medical team, and even made it to Friday's game, though he was only able to stay a short time.  "His attendance has been an uplift for our players and coaches nearly as much as seeing his classmates has been an uplift for Logan."