Well, if you’re not fired up for March Madness you’re a chooch!

Are you sick, of cold, sick of bad weather, sick of darkness? Now it's time to get ready for better weather, MLB Spring Training and NCAA Basketball Tourney time. The weather hasn't been super bad but the Lansing area was hit two weeks in a row. Some people say the cold, snow, and ice don't bother them. I say they are liars!

Anyone who has grown up in a cold winter climate is tough in my book. Once we get to St. Patrick's Day, it’s all downhill. Some people are lucky enough to get to go to a warm climate during winter for a reprieve. But, a lot of people endure through the winter climate. It's almost over so hang in there.

March Madness is now over the horizon. All high school and college hoop, MLB Spring training in Florida and Arizona are opened up and playing ball. Golf courses are gearing up for the upcoming season. Young people are out of school. People wear less clothes and go to up north destinations. The State Parks and beaches open up. Great weather is just around the corner.

The time is now. March Madness is here and can Tom Izzo and the MSU Spartans cut the nets down? This could happen and boy would that be pure greatness