Isle Royale is closer to Canada and Minnesota than it is Michigan. It's a 6 hour ferry ride from Houghton. So, is it really Michigan? According to wikipedia it is.

I know a lot of people who hunt. I know people who have hunted moose but I have never seen one in the Michigan wild. I guess they get gas at other stations than I do. I am in awe when I see a rabbit in the wild, I can't imagine a creature that could maul me. But I LOVE nature and it's one of the things I love most about Michigan.

A journalist from New York recently went on a trip to Isle Royal. He actually took a seaplane in. The dude had a run in with a moose and captured some beautiful pictures of his encounter. Click here to check them out and see his story. He even captured pictures of beaver activity!

Turtles, moose, beavers, amazing views of an unmolested sky and all this beautiful nature at one of America's LEAST visited National Parks... Probably because it's such a problem getting there but it looks like it's worth the time and trouble. It's like the Michigan version of "Into the Wild" except hopefully nobody dies alone in an abandoned bus. Only 2 parks in Alaska have fewer visitors.

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