The Mid-Michigan area has always been a bustling area, but back in the day, you would've found yourself in love with some of the sights and attractions.

I can say, that I am jealous that I wasn't able to witness one of Mid-Michigan's only Amusement Parks.

The Lake Lansing Amusement Park

If you grew up in the '60s, you remember the park that was Lake Lansing, Amusement Park. If you didn't, then maybe you will have jealousy for some of our older Lansing friends.

The park, unfortunately, was the victim of some fires, which ravaged the amusement park, and ultimately lead to its demise.

Enjoy a photo reel of Mid-Michigan past below, and live in the jealousy that our old friends, family, and maybe even parents got to enjoy.

This Was One Of Mid-Michigan's Only Amusement Parks

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