There's nothing like your daily dose of history facts. This Home/Building on the campus of Michigan State University is actually the oldest structure still standing at the university and could be one of the oldest homes in East Lansing.

The Cowles home was first completed back in 1857, it now sits and serves as the President's Residence, if he or she so such chooses so.

Unfortunately, the house does not remain untouched from the 1800s, undergoing some later remodels to its current state today. The house actually is only original in two exterior walls and the foundation. Everything else has been modified since the home was originally laid down.

This Is The Oldest Home In East Lansing

It's not necessarily a home that you can just randomly buy off the market, but it is one of the oldest in East Lansing. Take a look at the Cowles House on the campus of Michigan State University.

As you can see, the home served many purposes over the years on the campus. From a dormitory to even an education department.

A lot of changes have been added to the building, making it completely unrecognizable from its original structure. As stated several times, only a few things remain from the original structure. Everything else has been since touched up or removed from the mid-1800 style building.

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Have you ever had the luxury to step inside the building? You're either a former president yourself, or someone rather big or important with the university.

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MSUToday: Cowles House - YouTube

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