The conversation about Native American names and sports, among other things, is ongoing. With some schools and organizations making changes while others say "no way."

Should Okemos keep the Chiefs as the schools mascot? WILX  has more on the story.

While the Chiefs name in Okemos remains, the School Board is putting together a committee and their job is to look at the nickname. The Board has also said that they will hold a couple of public forums and at that time the public can voice their opinion, should the name stay or go.

In the NFL, teams have felt pressured into changing their nicknames and that's exactly what the former Washington Redskins did. After more than 80 years, the team became the Washington Football Team. The owner, a Mr. Dan Snyder had said a few years back that his team would not be changing their name, but then came the year 2020, and with it was elevated discussions about discrimination across the board.

In Major League Baseball, the Atlanta Braves have faced calls for them to make a name change. Since the passing of former Braves player Hank Aaron, many have felt that this would be the perfect time for a name change. Going from the Braves to the Atlanta Hammers in honor of Hank (the Hammer) Aaron. Several former Atlanta players like the idea of the Atlanta Hammers.

Again, it is not just in football or baseball where name changes are being discussed, it is also in the auto industry.

The Chief of the Cherokee Nation has told Jeep that now is time to stop using that name. Right now jeep has the Cherokee and the Grand Cherokee.   Chuck Hoskins, Jr., the principal chief of the Cherokee Nation, says "I'm sure this comes from a place that is well-intended, but it does not honor us by having our name plastered on the side of a car.  The best way to honor us is to learn about our sovereign government and our role in this country's history".

There are some schools in Michigan that have chosen to keep the Redskin nickname (for now at least). The Michigan High School Athletic Association has said these are changes for the communities to decide on, the organization has no say in this conversation.

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