Ads are ubiquitous in media nowadays, and maybe the most affected medium is the Internet. It seems you can't get to where you're trying to go online without having to navigate around an annoying pop-up or the like.

And if that frustrates you like it does me, I submit to you this, the best ad I've seen -- maybe ever:

At first glance you may be thinking, "What the hell do I care about Michigan vs. Penn State this Saturday?" Or maybe you said to yourself, "As if I needed another reminder how ridiculous it is that Penn State at Michigan got the 3:30 time slot over the Top 10 clash between Michigan State and Wisconsin."

But take a closer look:

Oh my God, that is the BEST. MARKETING. EVER.

The best part of it is the people at ABC/ESPN/Disney probably had no idea how appropriate their title sponsor is for that match-up. If you don't get the connection then you're a Michigan fan and chances are there's a photo of you on this website.

Think about it: Michigan, the school that has more subway alumni than the Washington Redskins have white fans claiming to be of Native American descent who say the franchise's blatantly racist name is certifiably not-bigoted.

But then there's Penn State, whose fans, alumni and leadership by and large value a game more than the safety of children and human dignity. That's a target demo no one aside from the Nittany Lions' athletic department is trying to reach.

Maybe South Park was right: Ads are getting smarter...

(H/T to the RCMB for finding this gem.)

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