We're still more than 10 days away from Michigan State and Alabama squaring off in Dallas on New Year's Eve for a spot in the National Championship, that's plenty of time for trash talking and game planning to your heart's content right?

No, at least not to Alabama head coach Nick Saban, he's opting for the "kill them with kindness" route.

"I think Mark has exceeded the expectations of all of us in terms of what he's done at Michigan State, and certainly done a better job than I ever did there, I can tell you that,''

Saban said that about a week ago when asked about facing the team he ran over a decade ago.

"I got to see that 22-play drive last night, and it was pretty awesome, and I was rooting for the Spartans after being there for 10 years myself and rooting for my former assistant Mark, and glad they came out on top," Saban said. "It will be a huge challenge for us to play against a great quarterback like Connor Cook."

Ah, Saban is smart, he knows the "chip on the shoulder" routine and won't give Michigan State any billboard material.

Never mind Nick, thanks for the kind words. We'll see you and Mr. Heisman winner on the 31st.