The Puck And Player Tracking that was introduced during a few games last season is set to make a return to the NHL All Star Game in January.

According to the NHL,  the league hopes to have the system ready for the 2020 playoffs.

The technology was used at a few games in Las Vegas last season and the All Star Game in San Jose.

The systems uses sensors in pucks and on players to create all sorts of in game data.

During the last all star game, NBC used some of the data in the game  to identify players, shift lengths, skating speed and distance traveled and puck path.  It was used on the telecast as well as on their website and online app.

It has started out as a broadcast enhancement with hope that it will eventually be used to enhance officiating and video review.

The tracking continues to be tested and we will see how it goes when it is used again at the 2020 All Star Game in St. Louis on January 25th.


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