Very few NFL teams and very few NFL players ever get to enjoy the privilege of playing in a Super Bowl. It's a great honor bestowed upon those teams and players who fight hard all season for the thrill and joy of playing in Americas greatest game on the gridiron -The Super Bowl.

The odds are certainly stacked against a lot of NFL players to ever play in a Super Bowl game in their career. Kalamazoo has been home to many NFL players. Players with playoff and division championships under their belt and we're very proud of all those great players but there have been very few NFL players from Kalamazoo who have been part of the big game.

Kalamazoo has been represented in the Super Bowl's XLV, XXIX and XXVI.

Greg JenningsKalamazoo Central - Western Michigan University 

A round 2 pick (52nd overall) in the 2006 draft by the Green Bay Packers, Jennings played 10 years for the Pack. In Super Bowl XLV Jennings caught four passes for 64 yards and two touchdowns helping the Packers whip on the Pittsburg Steelers 31-25.

Duane Young - Kalamazoo Central - Michigan State University

A 5th round pick (123rd overall) in the 1991 draft by the San Diego Chargers, Young played tight end for six years in the league. Five years with the Chargers and a year with the Buffalo Bills. He played in Super bowl XXIX as a San Diego Charger who ended up losing to the San Francisco 49ers 49-26.

Pete Metzelaars - Portage Central - Wabash College

A 3rd round pick (75th overall) in the 1982 draft by the Seattle Seahawks, Metzelaars played 3 seasons for the Seahawks before being traded to the Buffalo Bills. It was as a Bill that Metzelaars would play in not one, but 4 Super Bowls and all losses by the Bills. Metzelaars did score a touchdown in Super Bowl XXVI but would never get a championship ring as a player and would have to wait to get one as a coach for the Indianapolis Colts in 2007.

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